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Below are some of the benefits of working within our team!
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    Family Comes First

    We do not ask our team to put the company first, family always comes first. We recognize that in life unexpected things can happen, we’ll be a source of support rather than an obstacle. We commit to supporting our people in personal prosperity.

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    Work From Home

    We are a work from home company. The pandemic has proven that the remote workplace can be just as, if not more, productive than in office. Our team members are free to remain in their communities and skip the commute to have more time with loved ones.

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    Unlimited Personal Time Off

    We don’t put a cap on the amount of days you choose to spend with your friends and family. Balance between engaging, meaningful work and personal fulfillment is vital in a healthy workplace. Taking time to re-energize will ensure burnout has no place in our company.

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    4-Day Work Weeks

    The business core hours are from Monday to Thursday. There may be times that work needs to be completed on Fridays or on the weekend, but we try to avoid it as much as possible. We are committed to maintaining an equitable work life balance, personal and professional prosperity go hand in hand.

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    Personal Autonomy

    We bring motivated people into the fold and give them the support, tools and runway they need to succeed. There is no situation where micromanagement is beneficial and it isn’t part of our leadership style. We trust our team to act in alignment with our core values and to do the right thing.

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    Vision & Core Values

    We have a clear vision for where we’d like to go into the future and we communicate it clearly. We rely on our core values to keep us grounded in our pursuit of excellence and to guide our actions through challenges. Together, we can go the distance in achieving our goals.

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    Transparent Leadership

    Leadership clearly communicates with the team in a timely and ongoing manner. Company goals and performance metrics are visible and attainable. We have quarterly one-on-one meetings to collect and provide feedback on how things are going, new ideas for change, and career growth plans.

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    Career Growth

    We provide constructive coaching, paid training and growth opportunities to team members interested in career transition or advancement. We believe in lifelong learning and support our team members through advanced certification and training in their fields of interest.

Cybersecurity Consultant

Please read through the job posting and job description to see if we’re a right fit for you!

We are looking for a Cybersecurity Consultant to join our team! This is a mid-level technical position and the ideal candidate should have previous hands-on experience in a cybersecurity or information technology related role. If you feel that this position might be a good fit for you please submit your application using the online form at the bottom of this page. This posting will remain open until we find someone that is a right fit for our company culture and that aligns closely with our core values.

  • Position Title: Cybersecurity Consultant
  • Position Tenure: Full-Time Permanent
  • Position Location: Remote – Work From Home
  • Salary Range: $70,000 – $80,000 Per Year (Plus potential bonus opportunities.)
  • Payroll Details: Salary – Biweekly Payroll Direct Deposit
  • Core Business Hours: 8:30am to 5:00pm EST – Monday to Thursday

If you feel that this position might be a good fit for you, please submit your application using the online form below.