Turnkey Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

We’ve been refining the art of Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, & Incident Response for years, it’s what we do best!
Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery & Incident Response As A Service (DRaaS)

Business Continuity

Plan ━ Document ━ Execute

We work with your leadership team to determine the value of digital and physical assets within the organization. From there we strategize with you to determine the best way to mitigate risks to those assets and keep you operational. In the event of a disaster, we’ll have a documented, monitored, and tested path in place to recover as quickly as possible. Step-by-step procedures, education, and training are provided so that everyone knows what to do in a time of crisis. With proper planning your organization can weather any storm.

  • Business continuity planning, policy and governance
  • Full documentation of the disaster recovery plan
  • Monitoring and testing of asset protection controls
  • Includes Disaster Recovery & Incident Response

Disaster Recovery

Protect ━ Monitor ━ Confirm

The term “backups” gets a bit more complicated in the era of cloud services. Not only do you need to protect local servers and data but also those now running in the cloud. The disaster recovery plan needs to encompass e-mail within Microsoft 365, files within SharePoint & Teams, virtual servers running in Microsoft Azure and potentially local physical servers and laptops in the field or home offices. We offer an industry leading, comprehensive solution to securing and “backing up” the valuable assets in your organization.

  • Multiple offsite copies of systems and data (in Canada)
  • Secure onsite copies for quick restore when required
  • Full cloud disaster recovery environment included
  • Backup & recovery of Microsoft 365 e-mail and files

Incident Response

Assess ━ Remediate ━ Restore

Every step will be taken to avoid a disaster, but if one does happen to strike, the better prepared you are can make all the difference in survival or ultimate defeat. We prepare the documentation, training materials, education sessions and testing of the disaster recovery plan. In the event of a real disaster our team acts as strategy and communication lead in the delivery of the recovery plan procedures. We are there working alongside you to assess, remediate and respond to any potential threats to the organization.

  • Creation and documentation of disaster recovery plan
  • Education, training and simulation drills with your team
  • Assessment, remediation, and restoration services
  • Leadership role if a real disaster takes place

Microsoft 365 Optimization & Protection

Microsoft 365 isn’t optimized, protected or backed up by default, our team can refine and manage the tenancy on your behalf.
Microsoft 365 Licensing, Optimization, Protection, Backups, and more!

M365 Tenant Optimization

Built-In Security Features

Microsoft 365 is a powerful platform with some impressive built-in security controls. Many of their most valuable features aren’t activated or configured by default when you purchase the services. We have a collection of best practice services, policies, and configurations designed to protect the Microsoft 365 environment. Many risks can be mitigated by taking some steps to optimize the cloud services the organization depends on. We can guide you and your team through the process.

  • Hardening of the Microsoft 365 e-mail system
  • Policies for SharePoint and Teams documents
  • Multi-factor authentication activation and training
  • Microsoft 365 cloud licensing procurement

M365 Service Protection

Third-Party Security Solutions

Part of our defense-in-depth strategy involves leveraging multiple security layers to protect mission critical data and infrastructure. We have supplemental security services that we layer on top of the built-in Microsoft 365 features. We also standardize the organizations Outlook e-mail signatures with a uniform look and feel. We filter and scan incoming messages to ensure a high degree of protection between potential threats and your team. We also secure file sharing within the Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive ecosystems.

  • Microsoft 365 e-mail inspection & detection
  • Microsoft 365 e-mail signature standardization
  • SharePoint & OneDrive file sharing protection
  • Identification of known and unknown threats

M365 Content Backups

Secure Automated Backups

Data in the Microsoft cloud isn’t backed up or easily restorable in the case of intentional or accidental deletion. We’ve seen developments in ransomware that can affect e-mail and data stored within Microsoft 365. Our robust backup solutions protect e-mail in Exchange Online and files in SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams. Individual messages and files are quickly restored to their original locations. Protecting data stored in Microsoft 365 is essential to a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

  • Backup and recovery of Microsoft 365 e-mail messages
  • Backup and recovery of SharePoint & OneDrive files
  • Backup and recovery of Microsoft Teams content
  • Secure, automated cloud-to-cloud backups via API

Co-Managed Security & Information Technology

We have the enterprise class tools, processes and solutions in place, we share access and management with your existing IT team.
Security controls, processes, and toolsets, shared access with your team (Co-MIT)

IT Asset Inventory

Know Your Infrastructure

We offer a secure cloud environment to manage your digital assets. We automatically keep your servers and workstations patched; our team tests patches internally before installation. We offer a secure vault for sensitive information such as passwords, licensing info, and step-by-step procedures. We provide the tools and training for your team to access sensitive information securely. Our systems are accessible to your existing information technology teams and departments for shared co-management of digital assets.

  • Secure inventory of digital assets and systems
  • Automated patch management on all systems
  • Cloud vault for passwords and secure information
  • Shared solution access for secure co-management

Endpoint Security

Secure Your Systems

Workstations and laptops are no longer bound to the traditional business in-office setting. Team members are operating from home offices, commercial office space and while on the move. Having secure and encrypted systems is essential to the protection of company assets and information. Endpoint protection has evolved far beyond standard anti-virus services with newer methods of managed detection and response. Our team layers multiple best-in-breed solutions and optimizes them for your environment.

  • Robust Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
  • Ransomware detection and remediation
  • Zero-trust endpoint security management
  • Endpoint encryption and key management

Network Security

Defense-in-Depth Model

We secure the perimeter of your office and home networks with robust network security appliances paired with cloud management solutions. We can monitor and respond to network alerts at any location with speed and precision. Perimeter security works in concert with endpoint security to provide deeper insight into overall network activity. Secure connections between offices and team members working in the field. Intelligent security layers detect known and unknown threats before they take root within the network.

  • Hardened network security appliances at each location
  • Cloud managed, secured, and monitored networks
  • Known and unknown threat detection and alerting
  • Works as a team with endpoint security for more insight

Cybersecurity Consulting & Professional Services

Our cybersecurity professionals can help you with projects, policy, governance, education, training, and public speaking presentations at your request.
Get expert advice and services from Cybersecurity professionals when you need it!

Consulting Services

Advice & Project Delivery

Our team of professionals can help with planning, execution and documentation of cybersecurity and information technology projects. We can also provide advice and assistance on business planning, budgeting, and risk assessment processes. We offer technical resource hiring, training, coaching, mentorship, and management services. Lean on our cybersecurity expertise as your virtual CIO, CTO or CISO role, meeting with your leadership team regularly to align your technology roadmap.

  • Cybersecurity risk assessments and reporting
  • Project planning, delivery, and documentation services
  • Technical hiring, training, coaching and mentorship
  • Virtual CIO, CTO and CISO services and expertise

Cybersecurity Presentations

Public Speaking Engagements

We follow a core value to educate and empower our community. We enjoy creating and delivering information sessions, workshops, and presentations regarding cybersecurity and information technology. We tailor our content to our audience to be informative and engaging. We can effectively convey technical concepts to a non-technical audience in language that is easy to follow and understand. We are open to participate in public panels, speak at tradeshows or events, and host online webinars.

  • Engaging presentations in non-technical language
  • Participation on expert panels and open discussions
  • Keynotes and sessions at tradeshows or events
  • Hosting and delivery of workshops and online webinars

Policy & Governance

Expert Custom Documentation

Cybersecurity policies, procedures and governance are often considered an after-thought. Administrative controls, or policies, can be very effective security measures to protect the organization. Having a team that is informed, trained and in alignment contributes to a safer and more productive environment. Our team creates,  stores, and implements policies and step-by-step procedures in a secure online vault accessible by all team members. We provide the education and training to successfully implement governance.

  • Cybersecurity and information technology policies
  • Step-by-step procures documented with screenshots
  • Secure online vault to protect policies and procedures
  • Education and training to implement secure governance

Cybersecurity & Information Technology Procurement

We can source and sell nearly all cybersecurity & information technology related hardware, software, licensing, and cloud services.
Secure your IT supply chain, our Sales Engineers are here to help!

Security Solutions

Licensing & Cloud Services

We have partnered with distributors that can source the vast majority of cybersecurity and information technology licensing. From protection and monitoring software to productivity and office applications, we can provide the licensing and monthly service subscriptions from a single point of invoicing. We have channel only partnerships in place to offer elite enterprise solutions. Secure your supply chain by acquiring all the services you depend on through our sales team. As a Microsoft indirect cloud solutions provider we can provision all your Microsoft 365 licensing needs.

  • Subscription based security solution licensing
  • One-time purchase software and application licensing
  • Microsoft 365 indirect cloud solutions provider
  • Single point of contact for technology procurement

Hardware & Technology

Business Class Equipment

Our sales engineers can provide quotes for most cybersecurity and information technology related hardware. Our distributor of choice in Lenovo but we can also assist in obtaining equipment from HP, Dell, or other manufacturers. We quote business-class equipment that will meet or exceed the requirements of your environment. We provide servers, storage area networks, networking equipment, printers, scanners, peripherals and related cabling. More than just a reseller, we provide expert advice, experience, and information when quoting new equipment.

  • Desktops, laptops, monitors, printers, and peripherals
  • Servers, storage, network equipment, and cabling
  • Full datacenter rack, cabinet, and power management
  • Sales engineer advice, information and expertise

Specialty Products

Right tools for the Job

Our team has been perfecting the art of working from home for years before the pandemic. Specialty equipment such has enhanced keyboards and mice, multiple monitors, webcams, microphones, headsets, and other utilities can make a huge difference in productivity. We can also make office spaces more ergonomic with sit-stand desk conversion units and robust monitor mounting solutions. We provide turnkey Microsoft Teams or Zoom based videoconference and boardroom equipment for efficient team collaboration. Our sales team will find and provide the right tools for the job.

  • Enhanced home and mobile office equipment
  • Ergonomic sit-stand conversion and monitor mounting
  • High-quality webcams, microphones, and headsets
  • Microsoft Teams and Zoom based videoconferencing